Yeah I’m also a sports journalist now, deal with it.

Champions Salute

The Good

  • Thanks to ESPN and sponsor Mothers Polish for providing the entire season (less the first race) live and with zero commercial interruption. You have set a new bar for what motorsports on television can be in the US.
  • Excellent battle this year between Hamilton and Vettel. Glad to see Ferrari (and to a lesser extent Red Bull) are finally catching up to Mercedes.

The Bad

  • But on that same note, there is still a clear divide between the top three F1 teams here and the remaining “F1.5” teams, with the top 6 cars regularly pulling out a full lap on the rest of the field. Not good for the racing or for the fans. Hopefully continued engine development from Honda and Renault and the new aero formula for 2019 can close this gap.
  • The lack of pace from the Renault power unit and Mclaren chassis have driven Fernando Alonso to a perhaps premature retirement. See you in sports cars, buddy. (Shout out to /r/WECFeederSeries 😉)

The Ugly

  • The new font that F1 uses for everything is still the worst font I have ever seen.

Terrible font example Just awful.

  • The video game beeps when the lights go on at the race start continue to be stupid.
  • Get rid of the post-race interviews and bring back the podium interviews. No driver is able to say anything interesting much less coherent when they’re exhausted from two hours of driving and David Coulthard shoves a mic in their face. Give them a few minutes to relax and then talk to them on the podium. Some of F1s most iconic moments have come during podium interviews (Patrick Stewart doing a shoey, anyone?) and they should make a comeback

Patrick Stewart doing a shoey